independence drive

Independent Catalonia would be left out of the EU, Brussels insists

Reminder comes one day after advisory committee said region would likely be allowed to stay

universal justice

Judge refuses to shelve Guantanamo and Western Sahara torture probes

Magistrate Pablo Ruz argues that Spain’s international commitments come before legal reforms

latin america

Kidnappers release Venezuelan TV reporter after eight days in captivity

Nairobi Pinto, who works for the pro-opposition Globovisión network, was found unharmed

Latin America

Novelist García Márquez receiving palliative care at his Mexico City home

Nobel Prize-winning author said to be suffering from terminal cancer Family acknowledges his “delicate health” and requests privacy


Looking into Ana Bella’s mirror

A one-time victim of domestic abuse has created a foundation to help women in the same situation She talks about how she escaped her own personal hell and how she turned an idea into reality


Supporters of a new Republic call for a change in government

More than 2,000 people march in in central Madrid to demand the monarchy be abolished

latin america

Cocaine shipments through the Caribbean on the rise

Smugglers being forced to use alternative routes following crackdowns in Mexico


Five Spanish regions top EU unemployment table for 2013

Andalusia, Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands and Extremadura all more than triple the average

How a tax raid changed business practices in Badalona’s Chinatown

Wholesalers in the Catalan city are thought to have defrauded the state of around €64 million “Some have carried on as they did before, but there is more order now,” says one trader


Prosecutor demands 26 years for four civil guards who “tortured” two Britons

Men were arrested following a fight that was started by one of them inside a bar

regional politics

Fallout from squatter crisis prompts more talk of early elections in Andalusia

Opposition conservatives may benefit from sense of “leftist chaos” in region Relationship between Socialists and United Left comes under increasing strain