Big Brother is listening to you...

The Spanish-devised Batvox system is an advanced voice-recognition tool It is used in 35 countries to track terrorists, tax-evading politicians and pension defrauders


Authors who won't wait to be printed

Digital self-publishing is an expanding world within the universe of books The distance between readers and writers is getting ever-shorter


Spain reclaims the top spot in 'Restaurant' magazine’s Top 50

El Celler de Can Roca named world’s number one restaurant The eatery’s avant-garde gastronomy and creative vision set it apart

The Prado Museum unveils multilingual iPad app

The application brings world famous art to the comfort of your own home It also enhances the user experience when in front of the paintings themselves


"I'm not me, I'm my brother," politician tells TV satirist

President of Valencia parliament, Juan Cotino, refuses to talk to presenter Jordi Évole Questions remain unanswered regarding Metro tragedy that left 42 dead in 2006


Lorca's journey

We see the young man who arrived in New York, relieved of the weight of the immediate past, lived there with his eyes open every day, and returned to Spain a changed man


What is the world role of Spanish?

English is now universally accepted as the language of trade, while French holds on to its position as the idiom of diplomacy. The Spanish-speaking nations seem reluctant to challenge the status quo, despite its growing presence, particularly in the United States


Instructions for dying

Fewer than one percent of Spaniards have made a living will Lack of information and a refusal to contemplate death keep numbers low


Collecting dues: mission impossible

Crisis confounds debt-management agencies' hopes that defaults would provide a boost to sector


Doctor at center of Operation Puerto cycling scandal given one year in jail

Sports trainer José Ignacio Labarta also given four-month term


Catalonia uses its diplomatic web to promote sovereignty cause

Diplocat corps describes Spain as a “chaotic” nation oppressing Catalan nationalist sentiment


Recession eased at start of year but seven-quarter contraction confirmed

Statistics office backs Bank of Spain estimate of 0.5-percent drop on last three months of 2012


Mourinho vs Mourinho

Real's coach will have to ditch his cautiousness if his team is to have any hope of a Champions League comeback