Why Spain’s farmers are up in arms

Across the country, agricultural organizations are planning street action to draw attention to the precarious conditions of nearly one million businesses


Spain’s olive oil industry is already feeling the impact of Trump’s tariffs

The 25% levy on the product, combined with low prices and the EU’s failure to address storage issues, has hit the sector hard, with exports falling by 15,000 tons from November


French lamb and Turkish bass: The not-so-Spanish Christmas feast

Misleading labeling means that many people are not aware that many food products are being imported


Poor grape harvest means less wine in Spain, but of better quality

A tough spring and long, hot summer mean only the best fruit will make it to the bottle


The trials and tribulations of Spain’s prized Ibérico ham

A change in regulations led to a glut of supply, which breeders say is causing a loss of value

Food and drink

Wine consumption rises in Spain for first time in decades

But industry says it must target younger generations of drinkers to ensure future growth


Spain tops global wine export table, but is selling product cheap

France and Italy see greater revenues from sales, despite exporting lower volumes

Spain acts to protect ham legacy

Under new law, pure-breed ‘bellota’ pigs must be listed to be classified as ‘pata negra’


Manchego wine goes global

Félix Solís is opening wineries in the United States, Chile and Brazil The firm has had a foothold in China since 1998 and enjoys market presence in Japan