The story of Madrid’s abandoned ‘beach’ for its working class

Built in 1932 in a style reminiscent of Le Corbusier and used by Robert Capa for a famous photograph, the landmark site is in a state of complete neglect after years of payment defaults


Arqua, Spain’s underwater museum, has a problem with leaks

A Culture Ministry report is blaming faulty construction at the Murcia building, and warns there is little that can be done to stop sea water seeping in


Madrid’s Prado museum seeks a solution for its most popular artworks

In an effort to reduce constant overcrowding, the gallery is trialing a new display design for the rooms holding Hieronymus Bosch’s famous paintings


Lost archive of Spanish Civil War photos discovered after 72 years

A historian has located more than 500 images taken by the Hungarian photographer Kati Horna between 1937 and 1938, when she was working for the CNT anarchist labor union


An international project to re-think the burial site of former dictator Franco

‘Deep Space,’ presented at the Goethe Institut in Madrid, uses virtual reality to change the totalitarian nature of Civil War monument the Valley of the Fallen


Spain’s Prado Museum drafting evacuation plan for its artworks

An outside expert has been hired to come up with detailed instructions on what to do in the event of a fire or terrorist attack


Ultra-conservative groups protest ‘God has a vagina’ play in Madrid

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers, which also filed a complaint against actor Willy Toledo, has accused local authorities and the creators of offending religious sentiment


Two visitors accidentally damage artworks in Madrid’s Palacio de Cristal

The Reina Sofía museum will have to pay out €13,700 to rebuild the sculptures by Iranian artist Nairy Baghramian because they were not insured


The other battle of Brunete: an untold Spanish Civil War massacre

Archeologists reconstruct an obscure episode in which 500 Republican soldiers were picked off by machine-gun fire

R is for refusal, not rectification

Royal History Academy rules out amending a hagiography of General Franco