Lost archive of Spanish Civil War photos discovered after 72 years

A historian has located more than 500 images taken by the Hungarian photographer Kati Horna between 1937 and 1938, when she was working for the CNT anarchist labor union


Tests reveal listeria in three products from Seville food company Magrudis

The bacteria have also been located on the production line used to make La Mechá foods, thought to be the origin of the current outbreak of listeriosis, the worst Spain has ever seen


US embassy issues warning about rising violent crime in Barcelona

The advice for tourists comes in the wake of several high-profile attacks, including the death of a high-ranking South Korean official after a mugging attempt


If you are affected by Ryanair’s September strikes, can you claim compensation?

Cabin crew and pilots are planning a series of stoppages next month, but the airline has refused in the past to pay out the up to €600 in damages that passengers can request