The faces of a company crisis

Roca is closing its bathroom fittings plant in Alcalá de Henares The move will deal a serious blow to the already-struggling local economy

Signs of a vendetta in Cenicientos

Municipal workers fear for their jobs after complaining about non-payment

Slim pickings at Real Oviedo

Mexican billionaire among unlikely band of investors saving Asturian soccer club from oblivion


"I jumped off Spain's highest building"

BASE jumpers get their kicks from hurling themselves from the highest points The activity is highly dangerous, for beginners and novices alike


Council chief named as official suspect in Madrid Arena investigation

Pedro Calvo called to appear before judge investigating deaths of four girls at Halloween party

Spaniard held over Cuban dissidents’ deaths was to lose his drivers license

Nuevas Generaciónes official had run up 700 euros in speeding fines since 2011

Gürtel corruption case drags on in the Madrid suburb of Boadilla

More money to be paid out for sports center, which was never completed


Miners’ black march arrives at gates of Madrid after 400km odyssey

Mass rally planned outside Industry Ministry Wednesday to protest subsidy cuts


A monument to debt

Torrejón's extravagant theme park has left dormitory town 70 million euros in the red

A lone furrow: Madrid’s last tractor driver

Miguel Serrano works a slither of land that survived the construction boom

The Forrest Gump running in protest

Lennart Cromstedt ran 650 kilometers after losing his job at Spanair

PP’s water sale pipedream diluted

Madrid residents turn down waterworks privatization plan in non-binding vote Regional premier Esperanza Aguirre wants to sell Canal Isabel II by the summer