Congress to vote on pact between PP and Socialists for EU summit

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Socialist leader Rubalcaba to negotiate document in coming days


Kung fu murder suspect is confused and suffering from brain tumor, police say

Shaolin master believes he may have killed a woman last month, investigators say Nigerian woman who was found beaten at his gym remains in a coma at a Bilbao clinic


Ferrer fast-tracks to semifinals

Fourth seed will play home hope Jo-Wilfried Tsonga for a place in final


Police may be given powers to install spyware under terms of draft bill

Justice Ministry mulling measure to combat terrorism and organized crime


Challenge to Erdogan

The Turks are protesting against a government that is increasingly authoritarian and religious


Renfe fails to warn passengers about new train route cuts

It was almost impossible to know exactly on Monday what trains were operating around the northwestern region of Galicia


Andalusia’s “streetcar to nowhere”

Political squabbling is sealing the sad fate of Jaén’s ambitious tramway


“I want more, like Santiago Bernabéu, who was insatiable”

Florentino Pérez invested once more as Real Madrid president after unopposed election


Spain to explore EC proposals on VAT but Rajoy rules out hike

Brussels has suggested withdrawing goods and services from reduced rate of tax


Altadis to lay off 10 percent of workforce due to falling sales

Black market makes big inroads due to economic crisis

Salvadoran doctors perform caesarean on Beatriz to save her life

Abortion row baby girl dies five hours after she was delivered


Jobless claims fall almost 100,000 in the best month of May since 1997

But almost all of the new hiring is on a temporary basis ahead of main tourist season Number of new permanent contracts at 16-year low


Neymar kicks off summer sprees

Real re-signs Dani Carvajal while Atlético brings in forward Leo Baptistão

Is foul play to blame for the disappearance of a Dutchman?

After 10 years spent in Galicia's Ourense province, Martin Verfondern vanished in 2010


A murder mystery in Murcia

Dutch volleyball star and her husband were killed last month in southern Spain Police believe that a business deal gone bad is the most likely motive


Dithering Hamlet

The PP's reform has not served to stop the destruction of jobs, nor to incentivize their creation


Court panel backs move to expel PP as private prosecution in Gürtel case

Party considered to have got involved in order to defend officials accused of corruption crimes


‘Troika’ proposes extension to Spain bank bailout period

Financial system’s “risks remain elevated”

Disobedient dog owners in Brunete get a lesson in cleanup

Town officials deliver pet droppings to residents in the dog house