A letter to some of my European colleagues

Since 1978, Spain has been a decentralized, constitutional monarchy that grants citizens the same freedoms as any other EU democracy. It has many defects, but the restoration of Franco’s dictatorship is not one of them


Weather in Spain: rain in the south and temperatures to plummet

Madrid, which is suffering from high pollution levels, is unlikely to see heavy showers


Madrid takes center stage at Guadalajara book fair in Mexico

Mayor of Spanish capital and EL PAÍS editor-in-chief discuss darkness and light in the history of the metropolis

Sexual assault

Court to hear closing arguments in Pamplona gang rape trial

Five accused could still face charges over another alleged assault that also took place in 2016

Catalan regional election

Just a quarter of Catalans want to continue with current secession strategy

Weary voters step back from hard-line independence tactics, according to Metroscopia survey for EL PAÍS


TV-3 must be neutral

The future of the Catalan public broadcaster will depend on its campaign coverage during the upcoming elections


El Roto

El Roto cartoon November 27, 2017



Ros cartoon, November 27, 2017


Pollution is choking Spain’s cities

Almost 20 urban areas across the country have breached air quality standards in the past two weeks