Jihadist terrorism: Could there be a new attack on Spanish soil?

Thousands of officers from the country’s authorities are working to prevent another atrocity


United Airlines and General Motors quit strife-torn Venezuela

Companies leave country over government policies considered hostile to foreign investment

Venezuela crisis

“We will win:” Jailed Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López

In highly anticipated video message, politician calls for anti-government protests to continue


Super-fast undersea data cable from Microsoft, Facebook arrives in Spain

The MAREA project, in which Telefónica is also participating, will improve connections between users in the US and Europe


Spain’s Air Force and Navy have sights set on new American fighter aircraft

Despite its price tag, officials prefer the F-35 Lightning II to the alternative of more Eurofighters


It’s the politicians, stupid

Many of Spain’s millennials are fed up with dishonest representatives but remain politically engaged