Spain denied visas to relatives of migrants drowned in Tarajal tragedy

NGO says Spanish embassy in Cameroon argued risk of illegal immigration


The origin of Spain’s Christmas lottery: buying bullets to fight Napoleon

Popular ‘El Gordo’ draw was created in Cádiz in 1812 to raise funds to fight French troops


Why going for coffee beats out cultural activities in Spanish society

A new survey reveals that seven out of 10 Spaniards “never” visit a museum or a library, while one in five goes to a bar, restaurant or café every day


Why Spain has only taken in half as many refugees as expected

Of the 586 people who were supposed to be here by late June, only 305 have landed on Spanish soil, according to the Interior Ministry


Spain rejected seven of every 10 asylum requests in 2015

Yearly report from Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid warns of “serious setback” in terms of international protection for displaced peoples

Refugee crisis

Refugees taken in by Spain: “We are looking for a new nation”

A group of Kurds and Syrians that has been resettled by the Spanish government say they are looking to normalize their lives

Missing Spaniards found alive after 10 days adrift in South China Sea

Vietnamese fishermen rescued couple and are taking them back to the island of Borneo


Syrian refugees in Spain left in limbo

Without help integrating and learning language skills, new settlers face exclusion


The impact of Spain’s smoking ban, five years on

Experts say public backing has helped overcome initial reluctance

El Gordo

The Christmas lottery launderers

Winning tickets are sought out by crooks looking to avoid paying tax on their ill-gotten gains


Spain welcomes first refugees from its European quota

The 11 Eritreans and one Syrian are first of 854 migrants to be resettled before end of year


Search renewed for US tourist missing along Camino de Santiago

Denise Pikka Thiem disappeared in Astorga on April 5 while walking pilgrimage route


Summer deaths on Spanish roads rise for first time since 2006

But the number of traffic victims has still dropped drastically since late 1980s


Spain: paying a high price for the long summer break

Parents say three months’ vacation is too long, with kids disconnecting from their studies