Deescalation gets even more complex in town split between Spain and France

In Le Perthus, enforcing security measures is complicated by the fact that coronavirus lockdown rules are being relaxed at different speeds in the two countries

Water safety

Swimmers who flout red flag warnings in Spain face fines of up to €3,000

Authorities in Xàbia in Spain’s Alicante province hope that the penalties will boost water safety


London victim’s friend: “The last time I saw him, he was on the ground holding his skateboard”

Friend of Ignacio Echeverría, who faced up to the terrorists, retells events that led to his death


Will Álvaro get his exoskeleton and walk?

A revolutionary Spanish invention is helping children with spinal muscular atrophy get back on their feet


Why does this Spanish village rank third for cleanest air in the world?

Campisábalos, in Guadalajara province, has little more than 60 residents, a few houses, and lots of wind


Andalusia’s burgeoning home-grown marijuana economy

A lack of work is boosting production, with a ton of the drug seized in the southern region in 2015


How poor is Spain’s poorest town?

Zafarraya in the province of Granada officially has the lowest per capita income in Spain, sustaining itself through agriculture and government subsidies


From “Buenos días” to “Ni hao,” Madrid’s taxi drivers expand their linguistic skills

Initiative aims to teach basic terms and non-verbal communication skills to give Chinese tourists a warmer welcome


Stop thief! Passersby step in to thwart robbery of a bicycle in Las Palmas

The opportunist finds his path blocked as he prepares for a quick getaway

Animal cruelty

Man arrested for killing cow using 30cm knife and pack of dogs

The Civil Guard traced the suspect after a video was posted on social media

Why overtime is not the same as working longer hours in Spain

Supreme Court overrules decision classifying missed breaks as additional time at work


Over half of Spanish LGBT minors suffer bullying at school

Suicide of transsexual teen highlights particular vulnerability of transgender youngsters


Late requests for absentee ballots swamp Spanish post offices

People having to wait in line for hours as deadline looms for postal vote applications


Why so many Spanish youngsters are still lighting up

Around 12.5% of those aged between 14 and 18 smoke on a daily basis

Muslims become number one victims of hate crimes in Spain

Police have recorded 57 complaints of xenophobic and homophobic attacks so far this year


Search renewed for US tourist missing along Camino de Santiago

Denise Pikka Thiem disappeared in Astorga on April 5 while walking pilgrimage route


Retiree offers €5,000 to the company that gives his unemployed son a job

The 68-year-old placed the ad after watching his offspring struggle to find a job for a year

Attack on young right-wing politician an “unspeakable act,” says minister

Inmaculada Sequí, an 18-year-old local Vox leader, was allegedly beaten outside her home


Lifeguards urge caution after 115 drown in Spain in July and August

Nearly half of fatalities on beaches and in pools this year have occurred in summer period