2015 Spanish general elections

EC chief Juncker reiterates Brussels’ desire for stable Spanish government

European Commission president says he has not yet spoken with acting PM Rajoy


How a Rio neighborhood united to save a missing young man

Residents team up to help reunite homeless 20-year-old with his mother


Mexican police arrest suspected serial killer who mutilated his victims

Chihuahua man is being investigated in connection with as many as 12 brutal homicides

2015 Spanish general elections

How would Spanish voters react to a second general election?

Experts say there could be a redistribution of votes, but again no clear winner likely to emerge


Madrid asks London for new talks over the future of Gibraltar

The Rock’s chief minister asks Spain to drop “medieval claim” over the territory

2015 Spanish general elections

Rajoy preparing government and Popular Party for fresh elections

Acting PM hoping to convince Socialists that a minority PP administration is in their interest


Over half of Spanish LGBT minors suffer bullying at school

Suicide of transsexual teen highlights particular vulnerability of transgender youngsters