Attack on young right-wing politician an “unspeakable act,” says minister

Inmaculada Sequí, an 18-year-old local Vox leader, was allegedly beaten outside her home

Inmaculada Sequí, head of Vox's Cuenca chapter.
Inmaculada Sequí, head of Vox's Cuenca chapter.Santiago Torralba (EFE)

Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz on Wednesday described an alleged attack against a young right-wing politician outside her home as “an unspeakable act” and said authorities were working “with the utmost diligence” to clear up the facts.

The minister said the incident exemplified “the opposite of what a democratic, plural and responsible society wants.”

Inmaculada Sequí, the 18-year-old leader of the Cuenca chapter of right-wing party Vox, was allegedly assaulted by three individuals on Tuesday morning as she left to meet her father for coffee at around 8.45am.

They’re not going to stop me with this”

Inmaculada Sequí, head of Vox's Cuenca chapter

She was admitted to hospital and discharged the same day, but required medication on Wednesday morning to handle the pain resulting from the beating, according to party sources. Sequí said three individuals had approached her and attacked her, calling her “a fascist.”

“She was holding herself together well yesterday, but now is when she is suffering the consequences of the beating,” said Jesús Arroyo, communications director for Vox.

Party sources said the three attackers surrounded Sequí and told her: “Let’s see what you say now, you fucking fascist.” They then began to kick and punch her. The victim, who sustained injuries to her face, said she did not know any of the individuals, who did not take her money.

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Her father filed a police complaint and said the young woman plans to remain in politics despite the attack. “They’re not going to stop me with this,” she reportedly said.

In an interview on Cope radio station, her relatives said they were not aware of any threats made against Sequí prior to the attack. Her father said it was “undeniable” that she was assaulted as a result of her political ideas. Sequí ran in local elections on May 24 with Vox, which was founded in late 2013 by a breakaway group within the Popular Party (PP).

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