Animal cruelty

Man arrested for killing cow using 30cm knife and pack of dogs

The Civil Guard traced the suspect after a video was posted on social media

Verne in English

Lanzarote opens Europe’s first underwater museum

By next year, around 300 sculptures will be installed on the seabed of the Canarian island

Post-election pacts

Ciudadanos seeks meeting with PP to request abstention in PM vote

Socialist leader Sánchez calls on his party members to vote ‘yes’ to deal with Rivera’s group


May 15 movement to get Madrid plaque in time for fifth anniversary

Initiative to commemorate 15-M protests put forward by leftist Mayor Manuela Carmena


Ramón Castro, Fidel’s rancher brother, dies at 91

Cuban leaders’ elder sibling did not play a major role in the Revolution


The germ of a pact

The Socialists and Ciudadanos have come up with a modest governing plan, which is more than the other parties can say

Post-Election Pacts

Vast majority of Spaniards want to see Popular Party revamped — poll

Voters also hoping PP and Podemos will back PSOE-Ciudadanos deal, new survey finds


The mysterious power of ayahuasca

Research into the therapeutic uses of this Amazonian brew is making strong progress