Latin America

Brazilians stage third march to demand president’s resignation

Thousands take to the streets of large cities as Rousseff’s approval rating stands at 8%

Overcrowding killing off the terrapins at Madrid’s Atocha station

More than 250 of the reptiles are packed into the infected water of the hub’s tiny pond


Why Gibraltar’s Llanito dialect is rapidly dying out

Youngsters are turning their backs on the Spanish-English blend spoken on the Rock


Suspected Cuenca double murderer “not sorry,” says Romanian friend

The two victims were buried in hole dug for just one person


Four people gored to death by bulls in Spain over weekend

Fatalities bring to seven the number killed at traditional festivals since start of July


Lifeguards urge caution after 115 drown in Spain in July and August

Nearly half of fatalities on beaches and in pools this year have occurred in summer period