Four people gored to death by bulls in Spain over weekend

Fatalities bring to seven the number killed at traditional festivals since start of July

Footage provided by 'Las Provincias' newspaper of the moment when a man was gored in Museros, Valencia. Warning: you may find the images disturbing.Photo: reuters_live

An 18-year-old man died on Sunday evening after being gored by a bull during a festival in Lerín, a small town around 50 kilometers south of Pamplona, in Spain's northeastern Navarre region.

His death brings to seven the number of people so far killed by bulls at traditional festivals celebrated in Spanish towns since the start of July, four of them taking place this weekend alone.

On Saturday, a man died after he was gored at Peñafiel, in Valladolid province, while on Friday, another man died in Museros, Valencia province after he was caught during a bull run through the town.

A dozen municipalities are planning to hold referendums on whether these bull events should be banned

Another man died the same day at festivities in Blanca, Murcia province.

On August 9, a 32-year-old man died during a bull run in Villaseca de la Sagra, in Toledo province. He was recording the event on his smartphone and failed to see the bull until it was too late.

In July, two men died in incidents within a few days of each other. On July 5, a 54-year-old man was killed during a bull run in Grau, Castellón.

On July 14, a 44-year-old French tourist died at Pedreguer in Alicante province after he was gored by a bull.

There have been growing calls in recent years to ban bull-running events during local summer festivities. A dozen municipalities, including major cities such as Alicante, are now planning to hold referendums on whether they should be banned altogether.

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