Latin America

The Mexican serial killer who has found love behind bars

Convicted murderer ‘La Mataviejitas’ weds fellow inmate at a prison ceremony

Latin America

Spain complains to Venezuela about Maduro’s latest insults aimed at Rajoy

In a televised address, the president called Rajoy “a public hitman”

Treasure hunting

Florida couple finds rare gold coins from ancient Spanish shipwreck

The €900,000 haul is thought to have come from a galleon sunk during a storm in 1715


Hunter who killed Cecil the lion was American and not Spanish

Identity of man revealed by head of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF)


Spain, leader in ‘canned lion’ trophies

Spaniards only surpassed by US hunters in their appetite for shooting tame game in Africa


Spain: paying a high price for the long summer break

Parents say three months’ vacation is too long, with kids disconnecting from their studies


How did Spain’s white elephant airport end up with a €10k price tag?

A mystery company put in the only bid for Ciudad Real, which cost €450 million to build