Post-Election Pacts

Ciudadanos and PSOE sign deal hoping to win cross-party support

Podemos rejects the agreement: “The Socialists’ choice is incompatible with us”

Latin America

Spain warns Venezuelan Embassy to stop attaché’s spying

Student group says military official infiltrated rallies held by groups opposed to Maduro

Transportation strike
Latin America

Bolivia votes ‘no’ to allowing President Evo Morales to run again

Final official count in referendum shows 51.30% rejected altering the Constitution

Post-Election Pacts

Ciudadanos changes strategy and agrees to vote for Socialist chief as PM

Center-right party decides to actively support Pedro Sánchez’s bid to become Spanish leader

Post-Election Pacts

PSOE negotiating deal with leftist parties and Ciudadanos in parallel

Podemos gives in and permits PSOE chief to hold talks with Albert Rivera’s center-right group

Post-election pacts

Socialists-Ciudadanos agreement clashes with Podemos’s program

Anti-austerity party says it will not support PSOE if it strikes deal with center-right group

Why bringing your non-EU goods into Spain can be a major headache

People buying from foreign websites are increasingly coming up against pricey tariffs