Madrid mayoral hopeful Esperanza Aguirre to be tried for a misdemeanor

Provincial court overrules decision to shelve a case involving traffic incident in April 2014


13 Spaniards still missing in Nepal, says Foreign Ministry

Rescue team lands to help locate seven trekkers who remain unaccounted for after quake


Influence-peddling inquiry focuses on Brazil’s Lula da Silva, says magazine

Ex-president may have received “economic benefits” for helping firm win foreign contracts


Spain remains Europeans’ top vacation destination, survey finds

British, French, Dutch, Italians and Swedish all prefer the Spanish ‛costas’

Latin America

Deadly violence in Guerrero mars Mexican mid-term elections campaign

Mayoral contender is dragged from his car and shot at least 15 times in Mexican state


Spain’s AVE high-speed train breaks ticket records over May 1 weekend

Service transported 125,467 passengers in one day at start of last week’s holiday

Deportation flights violating migrants’ rights, says Ombudswoman

Procedures regarding onboard medical and language assistance are not being followed

The hidden wildlife of Spain’s cities

Urban spaces harbor an unexpected diversity of flora and fauna, which need protection