Police arrest eight in global operation against credit card fraud

More than 440 fradulent transactions worth $400,000 took place in February


A blast from the past

Decision to purchase water cannon divides police and evokes Franco era


Premier Mas admits EU will expel an independent Catalonia

Government would look for other alternatives “outside the treaties,” says regional leader


Technocracy or populism?

For many governments, integration into the EU has mainly been a convenient way to blame Brussels for unpopular measures


“Bothersome intellectuals and media” threaten families, says cardinal

Rouco addresses faithful at yearly Mass in Madrid's Colón square

toward the end of terrorism

Politicians react cautiously to ETA inmates’ latest statement

More steps needed for definitive dissolution of group, say parties


ETA tries to take a new course

Basque terrorism inmates recognize the damage they have caused but remain unrepentant

toward the end of terrorism

ETA prisoners recognize damage caused by campaign, accept legitimacy of jails

Collective releases statement giving 527 inmates go-ahead to begin negotiating early release