UN special rapporteur says practice of torture is “generalized” in Mexico

Report calls for government to stop using army personnel in security operations

Latin America seeks a way out for Venezuela

Colombian president offers to serve as mediator between government and opposition


Spain’s music industry still seeking a way out of the jungle

Sales of recorded music are increasing, but the VAT hike has hit concerts hard

Madrid eviction ends with 11 arrests

Police said detainees doused them with gasoline, but residents claim it was water

“We fought together, communists and Nazis alike, for the liberation of Russia”

Spaniards arrested for fighting in Ukraine say many other foreigners are at the front


Podemos publishes financial details of party and all members on website

Juan Carlos Monedero’s declaration of assets shows his firm is €412,000 in the black


Stolen Picasso turns up in New York

US customs officials intercept valuable work whose shipping form read “handicraft, €30"

Eight Spaniards arrested after returning from combat in Ukraine

The detainees are suspected to have fought alongside pro-Russian forces They are facing charges of homicide and possession of arms and explosives


This week’s movie releases

Colin Firth plays an ass-kicking gentleman spy in ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Domhnall Gleeson strives to separate robot from human in Alex Garland’s ‘Ex-Machina’


Podemos Eurodeputies give up seats to run in Spanish elections

Only two out of five original members of anti-corruption party will remain by next month