After razing 1,500 hectares, Gran Canaria fire now stabilized

Firefighters are concentrating on putting out the blaze before a heatwave hits the area on Friday


Spanish soccer star forced to apologize over “blackface” controversy

To coincide with Kings Day, former FC Barcelona player Andrés Iniesta shared a picture of himself with men in costume as the Three Kings, one of whom was wearing black make-up


Chileans create water-soluble plastic bag that breaks down in minutes

SoluBag, which has no oil derivatives and does not harm the environment, will go on sale in October

Animal welfare

Food crisis in Venezuela not just hitting humans, as shocking zoo photos reveal

The animal park in the city of San Francisco is having to sacrifice pigs and goats to be able to feed the other species, as shortages worsen


Three Italians missing in Mexico were “sold for €43” to a criminal gang

Authorities confirm that Naples natives were delivered by local police to a cartel in Jalisco state


Spain’s Pedro Almodóvar to head Cannes film festival jury

Director is first Spaniard to get tapped for the job, and says he is “honored and a bit overwhelmed”


Stolen Picasso turns up in New York

US customs officials intercept valuable work whose shipping form read “handicraft, €30"