INTERVIEW | Lenín Moreno, president of Ecuador

“The so-called socialists of the 21st century have plundered Latin America”

Lenín Moreno talks to EL PAÍS about the recent unrest in Ecuador, which he believes was partly instigated by his predecessor Rafael Correa


Dilma Rousseff: “The Brazilian government is neo-fascist”

Speaking to EL PAÍS, the former president argues that Jair Bolsonaro is destroying the Amazon and the sovereignty of the Latin American giant

Academy Awards 2018

Mexico’s cinema powerhouse: The three amigos who are sweeping the Oscars

Award-winning Mexican directors Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro González Iñárritu and Alfonso Cuarón have been close friends for decades


Mexico’s women prisoners: doubly punished for not living up to female roles

Often poor and uneducated, they end up with harsher sentences after being led into crimes by male relatives


Felipe González: “Venezuela is a country heading towards destruction”

Ex-Spanish PM was not permitted to attend hearing of opposition leader during recent visit

Latin America seeks a way out for Venezuela

Colombian president offers to serve as mediator between government and opposition

latin america

‘Net neutrality’ gets left out of Brazil online governance summit

Emerging powers fail to change status quo over control of internet communications

latin america

Brazil passes far-reaching internet law

Bill to be signed by Rousseff establishes rules for providers and guarantees for users