INTERVIEW | Lenín Moreno, president of Ecuador

“The so-called socialists of the 21st century have plundered Latin America”

Lenín Moreno talks to EL PAÍS about the recent unrest in Ecuador, which he believes was partly instigated by his predecessor Rafael Correa


Spanish explosives experts defuse grenade at Madrid center for minors

The facility has been criticized in the past by far-right groups who claim it is housing young foreign criminals


Spanish Mediterranean braces for more intense rain and wind

Parts of the region have registered record rainfall this week, just months after a destructive storm wreaked havoc in the area


Plácido Domingo: “In some places now you can’t say anything to a woman”

The opera singer speaks to EL PAÍS on his return to his home country of Spain, discussing his career and his future after he was accused of sexual harassment


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, December 4, 2019


Research confirms that intermarrying caused the ‘Habsburg jaw’ in Spanish royals

After analyzing portraits, a team of geneticists and surgeons has confirmed the link between the diplomatic strategy adopted by the dynasty and their prevalent overbite