Spain’s center-right mulls deal with Vox to gain control of Andalusia

Socialist Party suffers an unexpected setback as it stands to get ousted after 36 years in power


Have you had a child in Spain since 2014? You could be due a tax rebate

Recipients of maternity and paternity benefits from the Spanish Social Security system will be able to reclaim the income tax withheld on these payments


Far-right Spanish political party Vox: What are its policies?

The group ran in the Andalusian regional elections with a manifesto that did not include specific plans for the region, but rather a list of changes it wants to see across Spain


Malta says Spain will accept migrants rescued by fishing vessel near Libya

Maltese authorities agreed to take the 12 people on board but only as a temporary measure for “humanitarian reasons”


Vox: the far-right party that made shock gains in the regional polls

Not since far-right politician Blas Piñar lost his seat in Congress in 1982 has a group with such an extreme ideology set foot in any of the country’s parliaments


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, December 3, 2018


Socialists lose ground in Andalusia, extreme right party takes 12 seats

Vox becomes the first such group to win a major success since Spain returned to democracy, and holds the key to forming a government with Ciudadanos, Popular Party


Electoral earthquake in Andalusia

The outcome of the vote in Spain’s most-populous region represents a political change across the country