Another mandate for Chávez

The presidential elections have increased the polarization of Venezuelan society


Police arrest second bombing suspect in a week at hostel in downtown Madrid

Detained man had maps of a Boadilla industrial complex and embassy addresses Manager at inn alerted police when he found explosives stored inside his room


Why ‘La Roja’ fans won’t be watching world champion’s next match

Friday’s Belarus-Spain qualifier fails to seduce Spanish broadcasters who say the price is too high

Payments of 5.9m euros to Julio Iglesias were hidden by ex-Valencia premier

Singer picked up fees paid with public money in exchange for promoting tourism in Valencia

Pharmacist who kissed and stroked female staff acquitted of sexual harassment

Provincial High Court overturns ruling, saying there was abuse rather than the original charge


Too old for a 900,000-euro contract

Former Rayo midfielder had agreement slashed by a court at club’s behest


Homes sales break a 17-month downward trend

Purchases climb three percent in August from a year earlier as buyers anticipate tax rise


IMF’s weak outlook for Spain reflects external factors, minister says

Eurogroup chief Juncker insists Madrid meet its deficit-reduction commitments for this year and the next

The coastline restorers

No trace remains of a tourism complex that sat atop the spectacular cliffs at Tudela-Culip The result is an award-winning transformation


What to make of the "silent majority"

Many are outraged at Rajoy's attempts to speak on behalf of those who don't come out to protest

Half a century later... Barcelona

Gritty photos of the Catalan city that were rejected by a publisher see the light of day


Spain's air: in need of radical clean-up

Successive governments have done nothing to combat excessive pollution levels


A glimpse behind the visors — How Spain’s riot police operate

Violent actions against protestors outside Congress have put the UIP force in the spotlight


No debate, no vote?

The government’s refusal to accept parliamentary scrutiny is designed to keep the extent of Brussels’ bailout conditions out of the public eye


Metro Madrid to halve number of trains in service after 11pm

Move comes as company considers earlier shutdown of service four nights a week


IMF puts Spain at bottom of global growth table next year

Only Greece will perform worse Fund foresees country failing to comply with European deficit rule until 2017