Police arrest second bombing suspect in a week at hostel in downtown Madrid

Detained man had maps of a Boadilla industrial complex and embassy addresses Manager at inn alerted police when he found explosives stored inside his room

Madrid -
A photo supplied by the police of the explosive materials found in a Madrid hostel.
A photo supplied by the police of the explosive materials found in a Madrid hostel.EFE

Police on Tuesday arrested a 48-year-old man at a hostel in downtown Madrid who was in possession of enough material to make explosive devices.

Authorities confiscated various quantities of potassium nitrate, sulfur and carbon powder, some of which had already been mixed in 1.5-liter bottles.

The suspect, identified as Alberto R. M., also had the addresses and telephone numbers of the embassies of the United States, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil, as well as maps of an industrial center in the Madrid suburb of Boadilla del Monte.

The man’s arrest came after the manager at the hostel on Sunday alerted authorities to the fact that the guest had explosives in his room.

This was the second such arrest of a Spaniard with bomb-making materials in a week. Last Wednesday, police in the Balearic Islands detained a 21-year-old electronics student just after he had received a delivery of 140 kilos of explosive materials he had purchased over the internet.

The student, Juan Manuel Morales, admitted to police that he was planning a Columbine-style student massacre at the University of the Balearic Islands.

Police in Madrid said that this latest suspect, who is reported to be mentally unstable, was detained after authorities staked out the hostel.

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