Suderbyn: an ecosocial experiment in the middle of the Baltic Sea

Innovative villages like this one on the Swedish island of Gotland are leading by example in the effort to repopulate rural areas in a sustainable way. There are sister communities in several parts of Spain


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 30, 2018


Spain signs landmark agreements with UK over Gibraltar

The four Memorandums of Understanding are aimed at reducing inequality between the Rock and its Spanish neighbor during the Brexit transition period


Spain to host controversial Copa Libertadores final between River and Boca

The match was suspended twice in Argentina after fans turned violent and injured rival players


Madrid takes historic step to becoming a car-free city center

New measures are in effect to curb air pollution and increase space given over to pedestrians


“Bank-owned apartment for sale to squatters. Pay in cash”

Madrid's property black market is offering empty homes to buy or rent for a period of two years – the time it takes the repossession to go through the courts