Why master’s degree graduates are signing up to be EU volunteers

With youth unemployment rates through the roof, particularly in the south, many educated young people are choosing unpaid work over a salaried position in a job they don’t like


Suderbyn: an ecosocial experiment in the middle of the Baltic Sea

Innovative villages like this one on the Swedish island of Gotland are leading by example in the effort to repopulate rural areas in a sustainable way. There are sister communities in several parts of Spain


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Online counter-terrorism

How online amateur “jihadist hunter” sparked terror alert in Rotterdam

Police were monitoring chat between Dutch national and alleged radical in wake of Catalonia attacks


Syrian opposition tries to forge common front in Madrid

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo said that the factions attending the meeting represent the more moderate sector of the opposition

MANU BRABO - Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer

"Europe can learn from Iceland"

Law professor Elvira Méndez is the author of 'The Vikings' Revolution'