¿Qué? podcast, episode three: The Julen Roselló tragedy

In the third of our new audio series, journalists from the English Edition go over the facts of the rescue mission in Málaga that began when a two-year-old fell down a borehole


Doris Salcedo, the Colombian artist who melted 37 tons of FARC weapons

EL PAÍS SEMANAL talked to one of the most influential artists in Latin America about ‘Fragments,’ her plea for enduring peace in her country, and the power of art to inspire social change


EU will define Gibraltar as a ‘colony’ if there is a hard Brexit

Spain has pushed for the dispute over the British Overseas Territory to be included in a footnote in a proposed law on UK traveling rights


The 79-year-old vandal who terrorized a Spanish neighborhood

The man was arrested in Vigo after scratching more than 100 cars and causing damage to numerous buildings and locks


Catalan independence leaders moved to Madrid jails ahead of trial

The politicians and association chiefs have been behind bars since 2017, and will now be tried in the Supreme Court for their role in the illegal referendum and pro-secession drive


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 1, 2019


Record-breaking turnout for women’s soccer game in Spain

The quarterfinals of the Copa de la Reina received more spectators than any other female sports competition in the country


Trump put pressure on Spain to break ties with Venezuela’s Maduro

US Embassy in Madrid notified Spanish government before Juan Guaidó declared himself interim president

Taxi strike

Why has traffic in Madrid improved with the taxi strike?

Each cab travels around 200 kilometers a day, but most of the time, they’re driving around empty looking for passengers