Court strikes down Madrid Central low-emission zone over legal technicalities

The ruling conservatives, who launched the battle while in the opposition, now face the prospect of losing millions in revenue from traffic fines


Madrid to make face masks mandatory in all public spaces

In a bid to curb coronavirus contagion, social gatherings will be restricted to 10 people and nightclubs will have to close by 1.30am


Spain reports over one million job losses during coronavirus crisis

A quarterly fall of this scale was not even recorded during the worst months of the 2008 global recession


WhatsApp confirms 2019 attack on Catalan politician’s cellphone

Roger Torrent, the speaker of the regional parliament and a supporter of independence, was targeted with a program used by government clients worldwide


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, July 28, 2020


UK advises against non-essential travel to Spain, including the islands

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called the UK's quarantine requirement "not well adjusted" to the epidemiological situation in the country