Spain will slowly return to “normal life” starting on April 26, says government

Technical experts will decide on the conditions of the gradual deescalation of confinement measures introduced to combat the spread of the coronavirus


Daily coronavirus fatalities rise for second day in a row in Spain, to 757

The increases come after several falls earlier in the week. The total number of official deaths now stands at 14,555, with 146,690 confirmed infections


Coronavirus deaths in Madrid for second half of March could exceed official figures by 3,000

Deputy regional premier admits that as many as 3,479 of the people who died last month inside the region’s senior centers showed symptoms but were never counted as official victims of Covid-19


Spain to test 30,000 families for the coronavirus

With more than 90% of cases going undetected, the government is aiming to get a more accurate picture of the spread of the virus and from there decide how to ease the confinement measures


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 8, 2020

Roman History

Inside Virtus Iulia, the Roman city in the south of Spain

Recent excavations have revealed the site at the Torreparedones archeological park had an amphitheater as well as markets, public baths and a forum