The Madrid exception: Why not even a pandemic has killed the city’s nightlife

While many European countries have closed bars and nightclubs in a bid to contain the coronavirus, the regional government says such a measure is “unthinkable”


Madrid will delay start of school term for some students and bring down class sizes

Regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso also announced on Tuesday the temporary hiring of nearly 11,000 teachers, and 100,000 coronavirus antibody tests for staff


With just weeks to go, Madrid region yet to announce plan for the reopening of schools

The regional administration, run by the conservative Popular Party, wants the central government to take charge, while unions are not ruling out a strike due to the lack of preparation


Madrid region closes all stores apart from those selling foodstuffs

The restrictions come on the back of the closure of bars and restaurants, but pharmacies, tobacconists and newstands will still be open for business


Disabled workers at Madrid’s Royal Palace condemn abusive conditions

One employee says she was paid just €545 for nearly 200 hours of work, while others claim they were only given their contract to sign when they were fired


Video: Activists expose shocking animal abuse at Madrid slaughterhouse

Workers were caught beating and jumping on top of lambs thanks to hidden cameras placed inside the facility by the environmental association Equalia


Complaint claims abusive conditions for dolphins at Madrid Zoo

The Civil Guard nature protection service has received a vet’s report analyzing the health of nine animals at the popular theme park in the Spanish capital


Less drinking and earlier nights: Is the party over for Madrid’s nightlife?

Entertainment venues in the city are being forced to adapt their business model as consumer behavior changes


The story of César, an imperial eagle released back into Madrid’s skies

The population of the species, which is native to the Iberian peninsula, suffered a great deal due to hunting. But numbers have bounced back, having tripled in the region since 2000

Animal rights

Madrid’s crazy cat ladies aren’t crazy – and they have a license

Carers backed by City Hall are looking after over 1,000 feral feline colonies but not all locals are happy with the system

UK expats in Spain

The day they shot my five friends

After receiving threats for banning hunting on her land, a British woman in Spain found her dogs killed

The future is hiding out in Rascafría

New Spanish-British sci-fi television series ‘Refugiados’ will premiere on La Sexta in the fall


The secrets behind the award-winning dubbing of ‘The Simpsons’

The duo trying to ensure the series loses nothing in translation say the key lies in staying hidden