Spain’s PM pledges millions of euros in relief for coronavirus emergency

Pedro Sánchez recommends remote working and the closure of schools across the country, not just in high-transmission areas


How to work from home during Spain’s coronavirus crisis

Six people who have been telecommuting for years share their advice on how to avoid distractions, stay focused and set defined schedules


Despite coronavirus risk, hundreds of students leave Madrid headed to home provinces

The exodus has been prompted after the regional government closed all schools this week, with some residences in the capital opting to close

Verne in English

The history of Spain’s ‘Insured for Fire’ building signs

The plaques first appeared in the country in the 19th century but started to disappear after city halls began to employ their own professional firefighters


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, March 12, 2020


Halfway measures

The European Union will not tackle the crisis of the coronavirus if it adopts insufficient initiatives