Spanish PM offers regions their own state of alarm if needed, plus 2,000 members of the military for contact tracing

Appearing on Tuesday before reporters for the first time since his summer break, Pedro Sánchez described the “progress of the coronavirus curve” in Spain as “worrying”


Madrid will delay start of school term for some students and bring down class sizes

Regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso also announced on Tuesday the temporary hiring of nearly 11,000 teachers, and 100,000 coronavirus antibody tests for staff


Despite opposition calls, Spanish government leaves coronavirus crisis in hands of the regions

The Popular Party in Madrid wants the Socialist Party-Unidas Podemos administration to take charge of issues such as the reopening of schools, but the administration points out that the group demanded its powers be returned under the state of alarm


Meet the teams going door-to-door in Zaragoza to ensure people observe their coronavirus quarantine

The capital of the Aragón region is the first to implement such a measure, which was introduced given the high infection rates in the area


Ministry: Madrid must take ‘drastic measures’ if coronavirus cases continue to rise

Spain has now confirmed 405,000 positive cases since the epidemic took hold in March, with 46,000 new infections detected since last Monday