Smuggling crackdown on Ceuta border leaves porter women in crisis

The decision to clamp down on the illicit traffic of goods from the Spanish exclave city to Morocco is being described as an economic disaster for people on both sides of the crossing

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Revolting alliances

In the 21st century, compromise between political groups that hate each other may become a requirement for the survival of democracy


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, December 10, 2019


Spain’s King Felipe begins new round of meetings with party leaders

After another inconclusive election, the Socialist Party’s prime ministerial candidate, Pedro Sánchez, says he will only submit to a congressional vote if he has enough support


Remembering Lourdes: British ambassador learns of long-lost friend’s passing

The Spanish woman, who generously offered Hugh Elliott food and shelter 35 years ago, died from multiple sclerosis in 1997