Drug trade

Is the Spanish coast littered with single-use ‘narco-submarines’?

After the first drug-laden submersible ever caught in European waters was seized on Sunday, police are wondering whether there are more such vessels at the bottom of the sea


Madrid City Hall removes plaques commemorating Franco victims

The local government claims the memorial does not meet the recommendations of a historical memory commission, but critics decry an attempt to whitewash Francoism


Grassroots members of Catalan Republican Left back plan to negotiate with PSOE

Participants in the poll were asked whether the pro-independence party should reject the investiture of caretaker PM Pedro Sánchez if there is no prior deal for talks over the situation in Catalonia


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 26, 2019

Gender violence in Spain

Women across Spain march against gender violence

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets to rally in support of victims, and to criticize the far-right party Vox for refusing to recognize the issue

Homelessness in Spain

Why dozens of families are sleeping on the streets in Madrid

Asylum seekers with children braving the cold weather have become a daily sight in the Spanish capital, where local authorities say they do not have enough resources