Spain’s National Day celebrations marked by political tension and protests

The event paid tribute to the frontline workers of the coronavirus crisis as the central and Madrid governments continue to clash over how to contain the virus


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 12, 2020


British armed forces complete military exercise in Gibraltar’s secret tunnels

The four-day mission in the Rock’s vast underground network was aimed at testing soldiers’ ability to fight in “complete darkness”


Rafa Nadal on French Open win: ‘I told myself that I was not going to fail’

The Spanish tennis champion says he played one of his best finals at Roland Garros, and describes the past months as physically complicated


Several Spanish regions announce new measures to curb coronavirus spread

Health authorities introduce two weeks of restrictions while Madrid hopes to emerge from the state of alarm in 15 days


The Spanish explorer who desecrated graves in the name of science

The 19th-century naturalist Domingo Sánchez spent 13 years in the Philippines, sending back animal and human samples to build up museum collections and exhibitions


As cold sets in, Spanish schools face dilemma: leave windows open or risk coronavirus contagion?

The safety protocols negotiated between central and regional education authorities make no provisions for the drop in temperature, and some students are forced to sit near wet, drafty spots