Spain’s business elite turns out to hear PM’s call for ‘a new political climate’

Pedro Sánchez tells heads of corporate giants such as Santander, Inditex and Telefónica that government stability is assured despite a split among coalition partners over the budget


Valencia region confines municipality after coronavirus outbreak

There have been 75 infections detected so far in Benigànim, which is home to 5,800 people. The transmission originated in both workplace and social environments, with two local councillors affected


‘Superspreaders’ who infected 140 people could have caused coronavirus outbreak on Gran Canaria

The capital city of the Canary Island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, accounts for 58.2% of the active cases in the region


As schools reopen in Spain, how will the coronavirus affect the youngest students?

Educators and parents are divided over the benefits of sending preschoolers to class amid a nationwide resurgence of Covid-19 cases


“The mortality rate is the last thing to rise but then it’s very difficult to get it down”

Experts are predicting an increase in coronavirus fatalities in Spain three weeks after infections began to spike. The only solution to combat this, they all agree, is to reduce transmission


What to keep in mind if you are planning a vacation for September

With the coronavirus crisis causing great uncertainty, EL PAÍS has looked at what travelers from Spain need to consider before they book a trip abroad, with respect to cancellations, holiday deals and the risk of a new lockdown