Spain to roll out faster coronavirus tests as cases continue to soar

Dozens of seniors are reported dead at nursing homes while the foreign ministry asks Spaniards living abroad to stay where they are


Lack of testing hampering Spain’s efforts to slow coronavirus outbreak

Medical associations warned weeks ago that more resources were needed to diagnose cases of Covid-19, which has proven to help curb the number of infections in countries like South Korea


At least 19 dead at Madrid senior home due to a coronavirus outbreak

More people are probably going to die, says a healthcare source familiar with the situation at the center


How to protect your physical health while working from home during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown

Poor posture and spending too much time seated can lead to problems in the cervical and lumbar areas, but these can be avoided with stretches and exercise


Spanish PM to Congress: “The hardest part is yet to come”

Pedro Sánchez addressed a near-empty parliament on Wednesday, to explain the measures the government is taking to combat the coronavirus pandemic


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El Roto cartoon, March 18, 2020