Why Spain will not ask for €70 billion of its share of EU recovery fund

With interest rates near zero and soaring public debt, the Spanish government would rather focus on the non-repayable grants than on the loans it is entitled to - and it is not the only one


With state of alarm set to end in Madrid, government looks for new ways to control coronavirus spread

The central administration is seeking an agreement on Covid-19 restrictions with all of the regions before the emergency measure expires on Saturday


‘The Lancet’ criticizes Spain’s management of the coronavirus crisis

Prestigious scientific publication says that ‘some regional authorities were probably too fast at reopening and too slow at implementing an efficient track-and-trace system’


Inside Madrid’s underground parties: ‘If the police arrive, you say you didn’t pay to come and that you brought your own drink’

Club owners are flouting coronavirus restrictions by setting up nighttime bars in tourist apartments where up to 100 youngsters gather without face masks


PRISA refinances its debt until 2025 and agrees to sell Santillana Spain for €465m

The agreement establishes a framework for a future effective separation of the Education and Media businesses


Medieval Spain: the tale of a missing stone and 11 bodies under a wall

Archeologists digging in a village that was once a center of power find several corpses buried in an unusual location


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