PM: Franco’s presence at the Valley of the Fallen was “an affront to Spanish democracy”

Pedro Sánchez today applauded the exhumation of the Spanish dictator and said that society has taken “one more step toward reconciliation”


Franco’s exhumation: Bringing an end to a symbol of the Spanish dictatorship

Forty-four years later, the remains of the late autocrat were transferred from the Valley of the Fallen today to a cemetery in Madrid, cheered on by supporters

Historical memory

Who are the other dictators buried in Madrid?

In addition to Francisco Franco, the Spanish capital is the resting place of four other autocrats, including Rafael Trujillo from Dominican Republic and Fulgencio Batista from Cuba

Historical memory

Spanish company tasked with lifting Franco’s gravestone hounded by far right

The brothers from the company responsible for lifting the tombstone of the Spanish dictator have been inundated with abuse and threatening phone calls


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 24, 2019


Why did thousands of dead fish wash up on Spain’s Mar Menor?

Intensive agriculture and urban development have triggered an environmental catastrophe in Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon