Spanish government announces areas that will move to the next phase of coronavirus deescalation

The administration has rejected the Madrid region’s request to transition to Phase 1, “opting to wait until its primary care detection system is more robust”


Passengers on stricken Air Canada flight: “Everything was shaking”

A Toronto-bound plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Madrid on Monday after sustaining tire damage during takeoff


Fired for being sick: The new norm in Spain?

A change to the 2012 labor reform, which was upheld in October by the Constitutional Court, allows workers to be sacked for taking medical leave, even if they have a doctor’s certificate


Spanish court wants to try Syrian leader’s uncle for money laundering

Rifaat al-Assad, who once served as vice-president of his country, is thought to have masterminded a plan to conceal nearly €700m in assets by buying hundreds of properties

Historical memory

Spanish company tasked with lifting Franco’s gravestone hounded by far right

The brothers from the company responsible for lifting the tombstone of the Spanish dictator have been inundated with abuse and threatening phone calls


Road deaths in Spain fall to a historic low in August

But officials warn about the importance of preventing drunk driving, which still accounts for many fatalities


The suspicious victory of far-right group Vox in a tiny Spanish town

Could a change in the law, and the nuns who run a residence for women with learning disabilities, have played a determining role on election results in Gotarrendura?