Popular Party chief advocates return to Spain’s restrictive 1985 abortion laws

“If we want to fund pensions and healthcare we need to think about how to have more babies and not about how to have terminations,” argues Pablo Casado

Freedom of the press

Venezuela releases detained journalists working for Spanish news agency

Authorities are preparing to deport two Colombians and a Spaniard who were held on Wednesday in Caracas as they were covering the crisis for EFE


Three new prehistoric hand prints found inside Altamira cave in Spain

The art, which is in bad condition, was identified during the course of inventory work inside the world-famous Paleolithic site


Spanish bank sends letter to employees in wake of spying accusations

BBVA is alleged to have hired retired police chief José Manuel Villarejo to carry out industrial espionage in order to fend off an unwanted shareholder


Woman’s racist rant to Madrid store clerk goes viral

Organization Es Racismo denounces incident, in which a Spanish woman assumes the man is not Spanish due to the color of his skin, and threatens to have his ID taken away


When faking your own death to get out of catering a wedding is not fraud

Madrid court finds two entrepreneurs not guilty after they lied to a couple about their supposed demise and kept the fiancés’ money


Femen activists interrupt pro-Franco rally in Madrid

March to observe anniversary of dictator’s death was broken up by three half-naked women


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez calls for second Brexit referendum

Speaking to newspaper ‘Politico,’ the Socialist Party politician said it was “not democratic” for the UK to exit the 28-country bloc after “Leave” won the poll with 51% of the vote


Woman killed in Málaga province after being swept away by current

The 50-year-old was killed on Tuesday night while trying to cross the River Seco in the municipality of Vélez-Málaga


Video: Heavy rains cause spectacular flash flood in Toledo town

The waters that ripped through Cebolla on Saturday dragged cars in their wake and caused serious damage, but fortunately left no injuries


Spanish actor faces arrest after ignoring court summons over religious offense claim

Willy Toledo, who is also a leftist activist, refused to show up in court after the Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers accused him of offending religious sentiment in a 2017 Facebook post


Spain’s foreign affairs minister not ruling out time zone change

Comments come after European Commission proposal that would bring an end to the twice-yearly changing of the clocks by one hour across the continent


Franco’s family promises to exhaust “all legal avenues” to stop exhumation

The relatives of the dictator have refused to support the decree to remove the body, which was approved by the Spanish Cabinet on Friday


First European Virgin hyperloop test center to open in Andalusia

Virgin Hyperloop One has signed an agreement with Spanish railway infrastructure operator ADIF


Over 150 Spaniards affected by earthquake in Indonesia

Tourists on island of Lombok say they jumped into the hotel swimming pool to avoid falling debris


Spain’s tax authority accepts Cristiano Ronaldo deal: €19 million and two-year suspended jail term

Ex-Real Madrid player, now with Juventus in Milan, will plead guilty to four tax crimes


ETA sends letter to institutions, social agents announcing its dissolution

The intention of the April 16 missive is to show that its decision is “definitive and conclusive,” according to sources from the Basque radical left


Puigdemont’s release from custody risks rift between Spain and Germany

Spanish authorities question use of EU warrants after German justice system dismisses rebellion charges against former Catalan premier

Spanish National Anthem

Singer Marta Sánchez reignites row over Spain’s lyric-less national anthem

The Spanish performer is the latest in a long line of people to try to add words to the official song


Former Spanish PM sides with Venezuela’s Maduro over elections

International mediator José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero urges opposition to accept government conditions


Madrid limits capacity for Puerta del Sol NYE celebrations to 20,000

City Hall also introduces new security measures to prevent a repeat of the Barcelona terrorist attacks

Sexual abuse

Town closes ranks around soccer players accused of sexually assaulting teen

A 15-year-old girl in Aranda has become the target of rumors and gossip after the incident


€14,000 per post: What Enrique Iglesias charged Santander for social media mentions

The singer’s company was paid a total of €115,000 for plugging controversial concert, which ended with boos and the ire of fans

crisis in catalonia

Court suspends Catalan parliament session to avoid independence declaration

As crisis in northeastern region deepens, Prime Minister Rajoy calls on regional leader to change course “to avoid greater harm”

Mistaken identity

The Spanish woman who needs her grave opened to prove she’s still alive

After an administrative error, a citizen from Seville has been battling for seven years to demonstrate she never died


Brad Pitt found guilty of bankrupting French artist

Designer Odile Soudant wins law suit obliging Hollywood star to pay €565,000 in damages


In Spain, an ancient cemetery buried under a cemetery

Archeologists uncover 3,000-year-old necropolis beneath site of Visigoth graves in Huesca