Gender violence in Spain

Vox blocking measures against gender violence in Spain

The far-right party has stopped regions and city councils from taking a united stand on the issue, which has claimed more than a thousand women’s lives in Spain since 2003


Europe’s first ‘narco-submarine’ caught off Spain with 3,000 kilos of cocaine

Two crew members were arrested and a third got away during the joint operation on Sunday in the northwestern Galicia region


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 25, 2019


Brussels asks Spain not to spend €22 billion it could save from low interest rates

The European Central Bank’s stimulus policy will create significant savings from lower borrowing costs, but the EU wants Madrid to use that money to reduce its debt

200th Anniversary of the Prado

Goya blows out the candles on the Prado Museum’s 200th birthday

The most ambitious display of drawings by the master to date brings the celebratory series of exhibitions to a close