Woman in custody after giving neighbor box containing her partner’s severed head

The homicide suspect, María del Carmen M.G., had claimed the package was full of sex toys, but in fact it contained the decomposing body part of victim Jesús María B. R.


¿Qué? podcast, S03E2: The Catalan independence drive and exhuming Franco

This week we discuss events surrounding the second anniversary of the referendum in Catalonia, and the latest in the ongoing tug of war over the remains of the Spanish dictator


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 3, 2019

US-EU trade relations

Spanish cheese, wine and oil to be subject to new US tariffs

Spain will be one of the most affected countries in the wake of a World Trade Organization ruling over illegal aid for aerospace corporation Airbus


In Spain, summer surveillance triggers alerts for returning jihadists

Authorities identified 46 suspected foreign terrorist fighters, but were unable to detain them


Squid and sanitary wipes: a regular fishing day in the Mediterranean

Fishermen in the Barcelona region have to deal with particularly high levels of sea pollution, including plastics and trash from the 1970s