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El Roto cartoon, March 27, 2020


Spain records highest daily rise in coronavirus deaths with 769 fatalities

Government officials say that new protective gear is on its way, and insists that the food supply chain is guaranteed


Unreliability of new tests delays effort to slow coronavirus spread in Spain

Health officials say the material was bought from a Chinese company that met EU criteria, but China says the manufacturer did not have an official license to sell its products


Coronavirus in Spain: Five crises rolled into one

Overburdened hospitals, a shortage of protective gear and testing kits that never arrive. The pandemic is reaching its peak without enough resources or a real picture of the true spread of the disease


The surprising similarities between the ‘Spanish flu’ and the coronavirus pandemic

The initial response to the 1918 outbreak was to play it down, and later efforts at disinfection and social distancing proved insufficient to stop the spread of a disease that killed over 147,000 in one year alone


¿Qué? S04E10: UK ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott discusses the coronavirus crisis

We also catch up with Chris Dottie, the president of the British Chamber of Commerce, and Martin Makepeace, the president of the British Association of San Antonio, Ibiza