Coronavirus outbreak at Bilbao hospital worsens, with five new infections and 37 total cases

The Basque Country authorities are investigating another possible spike in Gipuzkoa and are preparing measures to avoid contagion among visitors


Barcelona authorities forced to redirect bathers due to large crowds on beaches

Municipal workers had to act after the sands at Nova Icària and Bogatell began to approach the limits permitted under Phase 2 of the coronavirus deescalation plan


Spain’s Health Ministry reports 25 coronavirus deaths in last week and 155 infections in 24 hours

The regions of Madrid and Catalonia saw the majority of new cases, with 69% of total positives. Medical staff account for one in five contagions since the epidemic began


What will happen under the ‘new normality’? Here’s how the coronavirus deescalation plan will end

Galicia will become the first of Spain’s regions to end Phase 3 on Monday, with the rest of the country due to pass to this stage on June 21 as the state of alarm is lifted