Gibraltar seeks to keep EU ties after Brexit transition ends

The British Overseas Territory is not ruling out joining the customs union or the Schengen Area, but its future relationship depends on the UK and Spain


Contempt for immigrants

Democratic, social liberalism is based on the principle that the market is there to serve the people. Not the other way around


Spaniards still eager to study in British universities in spite of Brexit

Student applications have risen 30% since the 2016 referendum, but uncertainty remains over the future of the Erasmus exchange program


Berlin, Paris hoping Spain will stay close to EU’s French-German bloc

The new Spanish foreign minister has said that the country could form different alliances depending on its interests


In EU’s post-Brexit reshuffle, Spain drops out of race to replace Britain

Diplomatic sources say the new coalition government prefers ad hoc alliances to joining traditional French-German bloc


Britain: Friend or rival

Europe must strongly and calmly defend its own interests in the post-Brexit agreement with London


Gibraltar, fishing and migrant rights: Spain’s post-Brexit red lines

PM Pedro Sánchez is meeting on Thursday with the European Union’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier


European Gibraltar

Spain is taking a firm approach to talks about the future of the British Overseas Territory after Brexit


Spain and Britain set date to negotiate on post-Brexit Gibraltar

With the UK set to leave the EU, the Spanish government wants to protect the conditions of residents on both sides of the British Overseas Territory

UK general election 2019

Spaniards in the UK: “I have a Plan B but Britons are trapped if things don’t go well”

As the United Kingdom heads to the polls today, the Spanish community shares their concerns about how both the result and Brexit could affect their futures


Gibraltar braces for British general election as Brexit deadline looms

Gibraltarians cannot vote in the polls on Thursday even though the results will have a significant impact on their lives