Ceuta judge calls 16 civil guards in to testify over migrant drowning tragedy

Fifteen sub-Saharans died trying to swim from Morocco to Spanish exclave last February

Latin America

Argentinean prosecutors plan “silent” march to honor dead colleague

Forensic experts discover second DNA sample in Alberto Nisman’s apartment

Latin America

Venezuela announces new free-market foreign exchange system

But Maduro government maintains convoluted multi-rate currency controls

“Twitter Brigade” takes on Spain’s sluggish justice system

Campaign highlights problems of overworked courts and hearings set for four years’ time


Madrid Socialist chief Tomás Gómez comes out fighting after party sacking

Former Parla mayor has been expelled for his role in an over-budget transport project “This has only just begun,” the politician tells reporters on Wednesday

URBAN Development

Court rules against Real Madrid’s stadium expansion plans

Decision puts project to add shopping mall and hotel to Santiago Bernabéu on hold


Netflix launches service in Cuba, but will anyone be watching?

Few island residents have the resources to enjoy the US company’s streaming content


Socialist Party expels Madrid chief over tram project scandal

Tomás Gómez was formerly the mayor of satellite town Parla He oversaw works that ultimately pushed the local council into bankruptcy

Why Spain’s Muslims are seeking more grave sites

The community wants to restart burying its dead according to Islamic rites in Madrid Andalusia is the only region to currently allow burials without coffins


King Felipe lowers his salary, but taxpayers will not feel the savings

Budget stays at €7.7m, including wages of over €100,000 for his wife, father and mother